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VOLORIDGE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, LLC is a private investment company founded in 2009 by David Vogel, an award winning predictive modeling scientist. Our mission is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for qualified investors using proprietary modeling technology and risk management.

Our approach to investment management is based on three pillars:

  • We are a pure quantitative shop, focused on applying mathematics and technology to exploit alpha opportunities

  • We scale capacity conservatively and are beholden to returns above all else

  • We employ a long-term approach to investment management

We continue to assemble a talented team of individuals that are seeking to be a part of an entrepreneurial minded investment management firm. Our team is committed to building long term performance and we nurture this commitment with every opportunity.

The investment strategies we deploy are based on the notion that data is the most powerful investment tool available and superior risk-adjusted returns are possible when data is applied to sophisticated mathematics, intelligent software, scientific intuition, and risk management. We currently apply our investment approach to our trading program that includes domestic equities and global futures markets.

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